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Unique, original artwork, crafted for a cause.

Original artwork by Dawn Hoffman

A portion of every sale goes to environmental causes.

Ocean Bloop was born out of the desire to make a difference. Since a big lottery win is a long-shot, I realized getting serious about another avenue was the only way to move forward. With my artistic background and experience in helping small businesses, it only seemed natural that combining the two was the answer.

The Products

I strive to offer organic and eco-friendly product options that align with the environmental cause. These products include clothes, notebooks, mugs, totes, insulated bottles, and more, with new designs being created and added on a regular basis.

Wait … who are you again?

I almost forgot to properly introduce myself. My name is Dawn Hoffman. By day, I am a marketing & business professional with an MBA whose career experience includes 15+ years of marketing and graphic design.

I’m pretty much the same person by night.

But I actually do have other interests, including nature, trying new adventures, and reading, and I have a love for all animals (cat mom).

Okay, but what’s with the name Ocean Bloop?

I wanted a name that included the ocean, an essential resource for all life that humans unfortunately take for granted. And the Bloop? In 1997 a mysterious sound rumbled through the Pacific Ocean, its origin stumping researchers. The noise became known as the Bloop. Years later, NOAA scientists discovered that the sound was caused by an iceberg cracking and breaking away from an Antarctic glacier.

Taking into consideration the acceleration of climate change due to “innovation” over the past century and the need to better understand the consequences of our actions, Bloop seemed rather appropriate.

In short, this name symbolizes two things:

  1. The shift in thoughts, perceptions, and actions that we as humans have to take to preserve our environment.
  2. The vast and mysterious nature of the future of this business.

Welcome to my world. Welcome, to Ocean Bloop.

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